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The yoga scene in Barcelona offers a variety of colorful spots across the city situated from the mountains to the beach, in between the city lights and narrow streets. In this garden of connected yoguis we find one of the newest members in the heart of Eixample near Tetuan. I went to Frizzant curious to see if it was as bubbly and fresh as the name appeals to be.  

Greeted by an eco-friendly, minimalistic space made with strong wooden details, the mood is set already by the door. Passing the local and consciously made restaurant, I’m noticing how my curiosity is turning into interest as the tone follows entering the space. 

Yo Gui Frizzant: Your Path to Vibrance

Reaching my final destination, the yoga room, I notice how it’s there – the lighting, the aromatic smells, the plants, the wooden floor. I take place on the only mat left, in front of the instructor, no option of hiding in the middle this first time – the yoga block says “in case of doubt, breathe”, I breathe and off we go. 

The lights are dim, the tone of voice is soft and assertive, the music goes in tune with the conscious message from the instructor and we’re welcomed into the downward facing dog. Gently guided into the poses, I notice how the movements challenge even to the fullest, no time is wasted as the moment opens up for full focus and connection. We move through time, opening the scope of our abilities, every time pushing further. 

Explora Yo Gui Frizzant

In full presence, time and space disappeared as we entered a state of flow. The session moved aligned with the melodies, the voice accompanied the warm candles as we pushed our bodies leaving our minds behind. Now, and fully here, we’re tuning in with ourselves, allowing the expression of our inner yoguis, our inner athletes in this identification with movement. We connect to our strengths and vulnerabilities within the margin of a second. Balance, breath-work, constructive thinking and creativity, all placed in a session that was long beyond the hour, but that felt like a moment. A moment of peace and joy.  

The session ends, filled with gratitude for this immersive experience, I feel transformed, nourished, and empowered. Deep into dopamines and oxytocin I say goodbye to this space walking out with a sense of happiness for the memory I know is mine to keep, and to recreate. Guided by the name I thank my curiosity for this decision and move with this feeling into my night, knowing that we will meet again, in this moment of expression and connection. 

Elevate Your Routine: Yo Gui Frizzant's Approach

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