The Powerful Practice of Mindfulness, Intentionality & Manifestation

The Powerful Practice of Mindfulness, Intentionality & Manifestation

The everyday distractions of our fast-paced world are endless and abundant. In the midst of this, the practice of mindfulness, intentionality, and manifestation has emerged as a powerful triad that encourages us to navigate life with purpose, focus, and positivity. Rooted in ancient teachings and supplemented by modern psychology, these practices serve as transformative tools to lead a healthy and intentional life. The functionalities of these practices vary, but remain interconnected to one another – using them in tandem holds great potential for personal growth and fulfillment! 

Mindfulness is all about cultivating a present awareness of your thoughts and actions. The concept finds its roots in historical Buddhist practices, stemming from mediation. This practice encourages a non-judgmental awareness of the current moment, being still enough to observe thoughts, emotions, and sensations without attachment. This healing of the mind enables individuals to reduce rumination of the past or anxieties of the future to instead pursue a state of clarity, calmness, and self-awareness. Mindfulness, when used correctly, can heighten attention, enhance emotional regulation, and promote overall well-being.


As humans, when we are fully present we can engage more authentically in our relationships, make more informed decisions, and embrace the challenges of life with resilience. Slowing down and taking time to address the inner working of your mind encourages acceptance of yourself and others – no judgment – allowing for the opportunity of healthy connections and contentment to make way. 

With the understanding that mindfulness is rooted in consistent meditative practice, one must be intentional about maintaining this newfound mental clarity. Intentionality may be hard to do, as it is a muscle that must be flexed to grow – a learned skill. It stems from the philosophy of existentialism, which emphasized the significance of making deliberate choices and acting with purpose. Behaving with this purposeful; attitude can compel individuals to be more mindful of their actions, decisions, and goals. If you are permanently fixed on your prize, you will never leave your target, and your actions are ensured to align with any personal values and aspirations you hold. 

By living intentionally, we cultivate a life that lies congruent with our most genuine desires and sacred values. A goal can be “I want to travel to a country I’ve never been to before”, but an intention helps as “I am going to sell 10 more products per week to save money.” Both are mindful thoughts, but an intention finds power in the faith we hold in ourselves. We must trust that we can successfully carry out the intentions of our lives, and move accordingly. 

*Manifestation: The Power of Intention and Belief

Manfistestation can occur at any time in various forms, but it is most powerful when one learns to be mindful of it. It’s the power of intention and belief. In its origins, it draws inspiration from various spiritual and philosophical traditions. It is grounded in the principle that our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions have the power to shape our reality. In this way, the universe becomes responsive to our thoughts and intentions, moving with us. This can sound a bit far out to humans – “Does this work? What can the Universe do?”. We do not have all the answers, but we can see how intentionality can change lives. By shifting and aligning our personal energy to match with positive outcomes, we encourage possibilities never seen before into our lives. Manifestation is about being the energy we are intent upon receiving back from the world. 

This practice encourages individuals to become active creators and authors of their destinies. Clear intentions and affirming positive outlooks can encourage self-empowerment that makes people fearless. It takes hope and motivation and puts them to good use. 

The practices of mindfulness, intentionality, and manifestation are powerfully entwined. They enhance each other’s potency and authenticate themselves through their woven connection. When working together, they help to facilitate the journey of self-discovery and growth.

When practicing mindfulness, we are made aware of the things we desire in the world. It’s where our thoughts and fore-thoughts come to attention. This can center our manifestations, as we picture our lives where they are and where we want them to be. Now aware of our desires, we can be intent about the actions we take, ensuring we are clear about what we want and their ethical implications. These intentions should resonate with our inner selves. Each practice lends wisdom to the other, a full circle of meditation and healing.

These practices offer such transformative potential, that many do not know they are practicing them at all. For example, if you often think of a certain negative thought, you may find that you inadvertently manifest situations related to that negative thought. This is a sort of subconscious manifestation that only serves as an encouragement to practice more mindfulness; instead of ruminating on a bad thought, shift the internal monologue’s language! Redirect negative thought patterns. These simple psychology practices have worked for ages. 

Mindful manifestation is vital! Not only should we change the thinking patterns that harm us, but the patterns that harm others as well. Lacking intentionality and mindfulness when pursuing manifestations does not consider the well-being of others and the broader community. Protect each other and align thoughts with ethical principles to encourage healthy connectivity. 

Daily rituals to solidify these practices within your lifestyle is key. Create daily mindful rituals, such as journaling, meditative morning yoga (Frizzant’s specialty!), or gratitude rituals, to strengthen your connection to your intentions and manifestations. Set a routine and schedule, and find discipline within it.

Remember to stay present in those moments, redirect negative thoughts, and go with the flow. Regularly reflect on all the thoughts, and adjust your goals as needed – a change is a natural part of the process!

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