Alignment has typically been viewed as holding straight and strict shapes or hard-to-achieve geometries, but if we peel back the surface, we discover that ultimately alignment is about one key ingredient: awareness.

If a pose lacks awareness, it also lacks strength and control. When we build awareness throughout each and every part of our body, we unlock the maximum potential of the asana and with that comes heightened body control and strength.

Alignment is personal to each and every one of us. This class will take us on a journey to find our true alignment. Each class provides you with the tools to build awareness in your body, discover your untapped strength, and develop heightened muscular control. The flow classes challenge you to deepen your awareness around poses and movements and focus on your personal alignment in a way that honors your body. With this heightened awareness comes transformative alignment: your practice transforms into something richer, stronger, and more profound.

Class taught in English.