Ceremonia de cacao con Vanessa y Morris a ritmo de hang pang y percusión

Friday 15th October at 18:30h

The cocoa ceremony is an ancient tradition and consists of preparing raw, unprocessed cocoa, with many more properties than the chocolate we are used to.
It is energizing and produces an expanded state of consciousness and sensory perception, perfect for inner work and healing.
The session will be accompanied by the live music of the hang pan played by Morris, an instrument made of two metal shells.
Along with a meditation guided by Vanesa who will accompany you on the trip. This meditation will be bilingual.

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No hace falta traer nada.
Se recomienda no comer pesado 2 horas previas a la ceremonia.
No apto para personas con problemas cardíacos o bajo medicación antidepresiva. 
Duración 2h.