Bonos adaptados para todos los estilos de vida. Planifica tus horarios y elige la combinación que mejor funcione para asistir a nuestras clases y workshops.


Preguntas frecuentes

Available memberships are:
  • DROP IN (Come to 1 loose class)
  • DROP IN MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL (Come to 1 class at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel)
  • FRIZZ’MOVE5: 5 classes for 30 days (2 credits will be deducted if you book a class at the Mandarin Hotel)
  • FRIZZ’MOVE10: 10 classes for 60 days (2 credits will be deducted if you book a class at the Mandarin Hotel)
  • FRIZZ’MEMBER: Unlimited classes for 30 days (1 class per day) Includes Outdoors classes.
  • FRIZZ’PROMEMBER: Unlimited classes for 30 days (2 classes per day) Includes Outdoors classes.
  • FRIZZ’TRIMESTER: Unlimited classes for 90 days (1 class per day) Includes Outdoors classes.
  • FRIZZ’YEAR: Unlimited classes for one year (1 class per day) Includes Outdoors classes.

With any membership you can attend the class you want most. We don’t like to limit you to a specific style of yoga. Every day you can try the class that you most want and discover the energy of each one of them.

The credits are personal and non-transferable. However, we let you share them with someone else who has never been to Frizzant and wants to meet us for the first time. In addition, you can buy individual classes or a voucher to give it to someone else.

Through our website or our APP, enter the Classes & Rates section and choose the class, day and time you want to come. Remember that you can buy a single pass or different packs according to your needs.

After booking through the website, once you arrive at Frizzant, stop by the restaurant counter so we can check-in and confirm your attendance.

Yes, many of Frizzant’s classes are bilingual. Be sure to look at our weekly calendar so you can find out which language the class is taught in.

Para poder obtener tu crédito de vuelta tienes que reservar con una antelación de 4h. Para saber más sobre nuestras políticas de cancelación, puedes visitar nuestros términos y condiciones.

It is not necessary to bring any type of material. We provide you with everything that the class requires: mats, blocks, blankets, cushions… We also provide you with lockers so you can store your things safely. If you prefer, you can also bring your own material. You also have showers and towels so you can finish your practice in the best possible way.

You can buy all the yoga material we use in class through our website or in our physical space.

Frizzant is much more than a Yoga center, it is an oasis where you can spend as much time as you want, relaxing in the Lounge, working or reading in the upper floor or eating in the restaurant area.