A Love Letter to Frizzant

“A Love Letter to Frizzant”

Entering a new space, approaching the unknown, and facing what one finds daunting is no small feat. This is what I had to do when I decided to traverse the Atlantic Ocean and found myself in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Barcelona, Spain. When entering a new workspace, fears can arise easily. What will this place look like? Will it welcome me? Can I be my best, most authentic self there? My questions were answered, and my fears calmed as I experienced my very first day at Frizzant. 

Upon entrance, the atmosphere is one of welcome and wonder. Flowers and potted plants breathe fresh life into the space. Stepping from the street into the building is like entering an alternate universe – a reality in which people are given space for freedom of expression. The air is cool and refreshing and carries a delectable smell that wafts from the kitchen. I arrived early in the morning and was enticed by the prospect of lunch for the remainder of my tour. Frizzant offers bottles of fresh juices and kombucha that are produced in-house, and delicious pastries for any early-morning cravings. Lunch is served at 12:30 PM, and a new menu is prepared for a unique spread each day. For my first venture, I tried the Lentil Soup (a staff favorite that I was told I must try… and wow, I’m extremely glad that I did), zucchini pasta, and fresh kale salad. All of the options were clean and healthy, being either Gluten Free or Vegan, and they certainly did not slack in taste!

At that moment I realized, this is a place so comfortable it could be a second home.


There is no doubt that Frizzant lives up to its reputation of being a thriving oasis dwelling in the middle of a city. At Frizzant, a constant thrum of energy vibrates beneath one’s fingertips. It’s exciting; exciting in the same way that captured sunrises and crashing waves can be. 

Energy-giving, and life-receiving. 

The physical building is not particularly wide, but it does deeply extend the farther you explore –  a quite fitting detail that contributes to the authenticity of the space. The front-most area (alt: the immediate front) hosts the food counter and seating section, where people can enjoy an early morning coffee with a paper, or a late afternoon lunch with a good book. Beyond the eaterie is a beautiful all-white stucco lounge, with a small tree gracing it. This is a comfy relaxation area, great for digestion and oxygen intake. 

The highlight of the tour had to be The Lounge meeting room, which lies just beyond the resting area. It is a particularly intentional space meant to allow community gathering and fellowship before the real work begins. Curious souls preparing to embark on a journey of full-body healing can use this space to share their similarities, get to know one another, and agree on how they desire their sessions to flow. It is a communal space that was thoughtfully designed to produce positive, and connective energies. It is tastefully decorated, draped in artistry, and hard to leave once you enter – it’s that beautiful!

Flowing Room

Extending beyond lies the Flowing Room. The Flowing Room is a large and open space. It is where all yoga sessions, dance lessons, and other intimate gatherings of healing and meditative practices take place. To enter the Flowing Room you must remove your shoes and socks, proceeding only once your feet are bare. I appreciated this aspect of it, as it garners a certain respect for the space, and cultivates an intimate experience between you and the ground. You do not just enter the room, you become a part of it. The room has full-length mirrors, clean hardwood floors, and ceiling shades that control the amount of sunlight received. Whether the goal is a dark, mood-lit atmosphere, or a light, sun-themed atmosphere, all are achievable in the dynamic and flexible Flowing Room. 

Throughout my tour one thing remained consistent – Frizzant is a highly unique brand. It does not just provide a service, it offers a lifestyle. Around the studio, you can find Frizzant tote bags with cute and catchy phrases on them, yoga mats with the brand printed on them, CBD oils, salts and cookbooks, sage, wines, oils, and more. All of these things are up for sale, and are a way to take the brand home with you when you’re ready to leave – the healing, essentially, never stops. 

As I moved through each space, I noticed that the energy of the building was not self-sufficient, but instead fully reliant upon the power of the staff maintaining it. Essentially, the reason Frizzant buzzes with positive energy is because the entirety of the staff community are positive energetic creatures. From the chefs in the kitchen to the yoga instructors in the flow room, to the team behind the scenes, the culture at Frizzant is for everyone on staff to be and embody the energy they want to inspire within the space, and others. This energy attracts those from the outside and draws them in. In a word, it’s captivating.

The studio is designed and curated to attract Curious Souls, or people who are willing to venture into the unknown and fearlessly stand in the face of whatever it is they find. I, too, found myself to be curious. How is the energy in this building so palpable? And how can I make it my own? Not in a selfish way, either. A Curious Soul craves a connection to other Curious Souls – to exchange and interact, to grow and learn from one another. This building holds a million and one lessons within its walls, all ready to learn for the mind that is seeking it. Thus, my curious mind found solace in the presence of other curious minds, and I found comfort in this way. 

Frizzant is a full force of activity. From yoga lessons to dynamic dance practices to breathwork, the studio offers a full scope of impactful practices and classes offered to anyone ready to explore themselves and the world around them. If you often find yourself desiring more connection to yourself and your body, if you dare to dream outside the box, if you want to make your fantasies of oasis a reality – Frizzant is open. A beacon for curious souls all around the world to find a way home.



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